Investments in small apartments prevail during this time in the real estate market.
  • Επενδύσεις σε μικρά διαμερίσματα στη Λάρισα!
By Thanasis Stamou – Director of INVESTA Real Estate

The small apartments up to 60 sq.m. they are the ones that are in first demand in the period we are going through in the real estate market throughout Greece. In the city of Larissa they tend to become hard to find since they are the ones that bring the highest returns. Small studios, studios and apartments with one or two rooms are what investors with a small investment capital are looking for. Self-contained buildings that are sub-divided and converted into quite small investment properties for long or short term rental for those investing larger funds.

The returns on these small properties are enviable. In most cases the yield ranges between 6% and 9%. And their resale value records an upward trend.

What small apartments are being built in this period have already been agreed by the contracting plans. The used ones between 20 sq.m. and 60 sq.m. they are now difficult to locate for disposal.

With a capital of up to €40,000, the rent of a renovated studio apartment in the center of Larissa can exceed €9 per square meter and its net yield can vary between 6% and 8%. Compared to the returns of the capital and the co-capital, Larissa's equity shows a positive sign.

It is worth noting that in Larissa, which hosts a large number of students and professionals who spend the night in the city, it could support investments in serviced apartments, i.e. fully furnished and equipped apartments, which provide services within the rental price and can be made available both for short-term as well as long-term lease. Thus, our city could strategically target significant investments and attract the interest of institutional investors, hotel companies and real estate groups in this direction.

Thanasis Stamou is the director of INVESTA Real Estate - Larissa real estate agency. He has experience in the field of real estate since 2005. He is a real estate agent, appraiser, negotiator and investment advisor. Specializes in training Real Estate Consultants.