Our name


Independent real estate agency

Our name: The idea of our name INVESTA was created by the combination of two words:

Vesta: The Vesta (Latin: Vesta) of Roman mythology is the virgin deity of the family and home, corresponding to the Hestia in Greek mythology.

The Vesta is also a combination of the founders’ names of this company: Vergou Zozi and Stamou Thanasis.

In: Synthetic "in" was added to emphasize and tie our brand name, inviting you "inside" the home. At your home!

Our Logo: We designed a typographic logo, as to form a robust and consistent structure, which reflects the vision and the values of the agency: a VESTA (Latin for ‘’home’’). Surrounding we can spot the element of fire, which implemented through calligraphy, in order to communicate dynamism, verve and motion. The chromatic code renders a sense of luxury and security. We are sure that our brand communicates a trust-worthy elegance.